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LocaSense Research Systems Pvt Ltd designs highly visible advertising platform. We provide opportunities for companies to promote their products and services using informative maps, guides, atlases and geoportals. Map, guides and atlases are regularly updated, thereby providing effective advertising. With simple and user-friendly map, guides and atlases, LocaSense Research Systems Pvt Ltd is the most effective way to reach out to new customers.

Order Thematic Maps, Guides and Atlases

LocaSense Research Systems Pvt Ltd provides informative thematic maps, guides and atlases for the tourism and environment sector. Our services include map and atlas production as well as event promotion for the tourism and environment sector.

Consulting and Geospatial AI Solutions

LocaSense Research System Pvt Ltd offers consulting and location-based analytic services using geospatial artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. We build and train models to map detect building footprints, roads and other features on very high-resolution imagery using our accelerated GPU infrastructure. We also offer intuitive products to visualize and share results online, in spread sheet format or your GIS.

I. Local Authorities

LocaSense Research System Pvt Ltd supports local authorities in land use map production, and geospatial database development. We also provides innovative solutions for mapping and valuing ecosystem services to local authorities. Ecosystems provide services that benefit humans such as provisioning services (e.g., food, forest products, and water) regulating services (e.g., climate, and erosion control), and cultural services (e.g., tourism and recreation).

II. Corporate and Non-Profit Organizations

LocaSense Research System Pvt Ltd supports tourism authorities, international development agencies and non-profit organizations to develop solutions for thematic map production, data collection, geospatial database management and marketing.

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